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RDA Disc Brake Pads

Our range of brake pads encompasses some 1,700 applications in 7 different performance materials. 

RDA Disc Brake Pads offer a highly sought after combination of value for money and excellent operating performance. Released onto the Australian market in early 2004, the RDA brake pad range is the result of exhaustive test program Australia wide under many and varied operating conditions. 

RDA Disc Brake Pads deliver improved safety with enhanced braking performance for a wide range of road going vehicles.

  •  The materials used is asbestos free and comes in either non organic or semi metallic compounds depending on the make and model of vehicle.
  •  The excellent matching/mating characteristics with a wide range of Brake Rotor manufacturers and ensures  RDA Brake Pads will function as needed in most Australian road conditions.


"ECE 11 R90 APPROVED for vehicles within ECE, All RDA Brakes brake disc's, brake drums, brake pads, and brake shoes are made to the same exacting standards.

RDA Brakes GP MAX General Purpose Brake Pads

RDA's general purpose brake pad the - GP MAX - is a relatively full bodied semi-metallic compound pad.

  •  Ideal for City, Suburban and country commuting.
  •  Light to moderate and frequent braking style.
  •  Good pedal feel and stopping power.
  •  Works from cold to 400 degrees Celsuis.
  •  Made by the same manufactacturer as our RDA brake Discs, these pads are engineered for optimal performance.
  •  Shimmed, Chamfered and Centre Grooved to reduce brake vibration.
  •  Recommended for general purpose everyday family and passenger cars.
  •  12 month / 20,000 km no fault nationwide replacement warranty 

RDA BRAKES EXTREME Heavy Duty Brake Pads

RDA's release RDA Brakes Extreme heavy duty brake pads

  •  covers 500 part numbers and includes a new warranty life of 18 month or 30,000km Warranty. 
  •  Ideal for those with heavy cars who often carry large loads, 4 wd's, people movers, fleet users, couriers, taxi's, towing trailers & those with a tendency to brake heavily in everyday driving.
  •  Semi Metallic Disc Brake Pads, Low dust, Extremely quiet, Exceptional pedal feel, High metallic compound, Baked enamel backing plate, Every pad is centre grooved, Every pad has chamfered edges, 
  • • Every pad has a shimmed backing plate.

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