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RDA Brake Shoes


RDA’s comprehensive range of quality brake shoes, are now available in asbestos free material sourced from the worlds best manufactures to ensure the highest quality.  

RDA Brakes have been supplying Australia with bonded shoes since 1998.

"ECE 11 R90 APPROVED for vehicles within ECE, All RDA Brakes brake disc's, brake drums, brake pads, and brake shoes are made to the same exacting standards.

"How brake shoes work on your car".

When the brake pedal is applied, the brake shoe is forced outwards towards the inner surface of the Brake Drum, to impede the vehicle's speed.

Excessive application of the brake can lead to a reduction on the braking performance.

Other causes of reduced braking with a brake drum set up can be the following:

  • Excessive heat build up thru heavy or repeated braking. 
  • Water or moisture on the brake shoe or inner brake drum.
  • Normal wear and tear of the brake shoe surface or the brake drum.
  • Contaminated or old brake fluid.

As reduction can be gradual over time, it is important that brake shoes and drums are checked regularly, as part of a normal service.

Anytime you need greater force to slow or stop your vehicle or you feel a vibration under braking, an inspection of the above brake items, should be undertaken to avoid complete brake failure.








  • Avoid high speed braking or excessive braking until new brake drums and brake shoes are "bedded-in" to avoid overheating and subsequent reduction in braking performance.
  • A distance of at least 200-300 kms is recommended for a running in period.
  • All RDA quality brakes shoes are covered by the RDA 12 month 20,000 km warranty. 
  • Every set of RDA bonded shoes is boxed for easy storage, and to reduce the possibility of damage to the friction material in transit. 
  • The RDA shoe range has been specially formulated to ensure low noise, low dust and maximum stopping power. 
  • Our wide range covers everything from Alfa to Volvo, including the older vehicles dating back the 1950s.