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Brake Disc Run Out?
Discs do not warp or run out of their own volition. When run out occurs, it is invariably caused by incorrect fitting of the disc, or inconsistencies in the calliper/piston.
When fitting or refitting discs at any time it is vital that the mating surfaces of disc and hub are scrupulously clean. The tiniest speck of rust, swarf, or dirt will cause run out after 3 - 4,000k's.
Similarly securing bolts/nuts should be torqued correctly and equally. Calliper pistons should always be checked for equal performance/movement. Sticking pistons are sure to cause distortion and poor brake performance.
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Brake Pad squeal or other noise problems?
Basically the noises heard from the brake systems (assuming that the pads are not simply worn out) are dividable into two types of noise.
Brake squeal. is a common problem and is the nightmare of all pad manufacturers. It is caused when the pad “bounces” in a calliper and the squeal noise is resonance between the back plate and the piston.
A Grinding Sound. The grinding noise that is sometimes heard (more frequently with semi metallic not Asbestos pads) is somewhat unnerving and sometimes tends to sound as though the pads are completely worn out.
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Brake Fluid?
Brake fluid is the means by which foot pressure on the brake pedal is transferred to the brake pads and discs to slow or stop a vehicle.
The brake fluid lives in a pressurized world within the master cylinder, brake hoses and brake caliper.
The pressure placed on the brake pedal is transferred by the master cylinder compressing or forcing the brake fluid along the brake lines to force the brake caliper to close the disc pads onto the disc rotor.
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